working on a pneumatic cone-chest organ (1)

We want to show our work in this blog on the Walcker organ in Motherwell Scotland.

It starts with the pedal. We have here the relais of the notes.

a lead pipe supplies a small motor with wind. This actions a bigger motor with a cone-velve, which opens a very big motor for to open 2 large cone velves to give the wind to the large Violonbass pipes.
first you see inside this relais, above its the under side
then you see how this relais is under the windchest, here you see the 2 big motors for opening the cone-velves
and on this picture you see the different parts before installation

This 10 inches wide motor opens the wind for the stop of the Violon 16′ in the pedal

and this is the stop combination machine for 3 combinations, piano, mezzoforte and forte in Great with 10 stops. There are aluminium plates as velves and small wooden valves.
hw_register_komb00.jpg hw_register_komb0.jpg hw_register_komb01.jpg aug4th2012

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