How to use bone glue or hide glue in pipe organs

In this workshop I want to show how to work with natural glues.
Both hide glue as well as bone glue can only be processed with water.
The first picture shows all necessary parts you need:
1. electric cooker (variable from 40-80 Grad Celsius) if possible with a movable container. So you can move it to the workpiece.
2. brush, if possible with no metal clip as glue and metal react chemically
3. bone ore hide pallets
4. water

To start take about 200g from the pallets and take same amount of water. Some more or less of water does not make much of.
This is bone granules:
and this is granules made of skins:
We prefer hide glue for leather and small paper gluing.

After having enriched the granules with same of water and warmed up (about 30minutes) in the electric heater to 70 Grad Celsius, the glue should have the consictency, as shown on the photo:


This glue is ready for use.
The glue should be applied to the material harder side.
You can keep this glue the whole day in the electric heater at 70 Grad Celsius – but every hour you should add water to the glue, as water evaporates. After finishing your work put of the electric heater, clean the brushes with water. Next morning you can start the heater again, and after 30 minutes you can work with this glue again.
You can do some more than 10 days with the same glue. I never had problems with this method.

The glue needs about ten-15 minutes to fix leather to wood, but you have to wait more than 2 hours before you can load it.

Very important: the vessel must be closed by cover to keep the glue in the right consistency a long time.

Paper, like the blue one we take for all windlines and bellows, is better to glue with wallpaper paste. Becouse the large areas are better to manage with this stuff than with the hide glue (but with this glue, some time ago they glued the books, what was a very long time ago made from paper) 3rd July 2012

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