Artikel aus 1903 über die Walcker-Dulsanell in Scottland

The Banffshire Advertiser 16 July 1903

The Dulsanell Pipe Organ

The day when instrumental music in churches was considered a sacrilege has long since passed away. British organ-builders were slow to realize the great requirement that; ,has arisen —the demand for a pipe organ of convenient size, power, and cost that would suit the necessities of small congregations, both from a musical and financial standpoint. The fact such an urgent demand called for an immediate response was quickly noted by :Messrs Marr Wood and Co of Aberdeen, who finding that no organ builder in the kingdom thought he matter sufficiently worthy of attention, resolved to make every effort to supply a want every day becoming more clamorous. Their first step after satisfying themselves of the hopeless apathy of native organ builders, was to look abroad for an organ maker of repute who would undertake to build from their specifications an instrument, in classes or sizes calculated to give satisfaction, both as regards power and price, and meet the needs of all clients. It was in the carrying out of this trade policy that Marr Wood &Co were exceed¬ingly fortunate in getting into touch with one of the most renowned organ constructors – no other than Messrs Walcker & Co. With business acumen, Messrs Walcker & Co grasped the idea presented to them by the Scottish firm, and immediately set to work with all the energy at their command to give practical proof of their abilities to meet the urgency of the case. In due course, through. Marr Wood & Co, their sole agents in this Country, they placed upon the British market the specially designed „Dulsanell“. organ with such success that the foresight which prompted its creation has been more than-justified. Among recent orders, a Gothic
style „Class A“ is now being erected in the Parish Church, Tomintoul.”

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