The Hill-organ in Inveraven /Schottland from 1882(?)

This slider-chest instrument in the very pretty and small church of Inveraven, near Ballindaloch – Highlands, has very fine stops like Gamba and Dulciana. But also it has a very poor conditition at the moment. In this blog we will show the state of the organ before the beginning:
hill_begin01.jpg hill_begin02.jpg hill_begin03.jpg hill_begin05.jpg hill_begin08.jpg hill_begin09.jpg hill_begin11.jpg hill_begin12.jpg hill_begin13.jpg hill_begin14.jpg hill_begin15.jpg hill_begin16.jpg hill_begin17.jpg hill_begin18.jpg hill_begin19.jpg hill_begin20.jpg hill_inarbeit05.JPG hill_inarbeit08.JPG hill_inarbeit02.JPG hill_inarbeit03.JPG

gwm 17.05.09 im Crofft-Inn (after a very busy sunday in some scotish castles)

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